For Youth

What is the Ombudsman (Youth Friendly Video)?

  • When complaints or concerns are received from children and youth, they are given special consideration for the capacity of the individual to understand processes and make decisions.
  • Children and youth (or someone acting on their behalf) can talk with an Ombudsman Representative about a complaint or concern they may have about any area of provincial or municipal government programs or services. 
  • Our services are available to all children and youth - they are not limited to children and youth in care and custody of government.
  • Ombudsman Representatives conduct frequent outreach visits to establish contact with children and youth who are in care or custody; as well as staff and service providers who work with children and youth in care and custody. 
  • Ombudsman Representatives make regularly scheduled visits to Wood Street Centre in Truro and to the Nova Scotia Youth Center in Waterville, as well as quarterly visits to all residential child-caring facilities (RCCFs) in the province. Site visits can also occur on an as needed basis. 
  • In October 2017, the Office held its first Youth Summit to learn directly from youth about issues impacting or affecting them. Click here for a video showcasing the Youth Summit
  • In December 2018 the Office established the Ombudsman Youth Council.
  • For all youth items (e.g. Case Studies) tagged on our website click here