Case Studies

Case Studies

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On June 12, 2019, while in the process of preparing this report, the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal delivered a compelling decision concerning a question of jurisdiction and access to records involving this Office.

This Office was contacted by a youth residing at the Wood Street Centre Campus. The complainant alleged that several attempts were made to contact their Caseworker, but there was no response. An attempt was made to escalate the matter to the Caseworker Supervisor but was met with similar results.

A senior contacted this Office after their home care nursing service was discontinued. They were receiving this service through the health authority and reported that they did not know why they were removed. This Office contacted the continuing care staff within the health authority zone but was unable to resolve the issue.

Two separate individuals contacted this Office expressing concerns for the safety and well being of a senior who was living in the community. According to the individuals, they believed the senior was at-risk and as a result, they submitted complaints or referrals to Adult Protection.

Individuals sometimes find out about the services of the Office of the Ombudsman through the departments that they are dealing with. This is what occurred when an individual with complaints involving the Office of the Police Complaints Commission (OPCC) was referred to us by the Department of Justice.