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Case Studies

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An inquiry was received by an individual who had received an order from Sheriff Services to vacate their home within two days as a result of a previous decision by Residential Tenancies. The individual’s main concern when contacting this Office appeared to be that they were having difficulty with Income Assistance.

There are some complaints that do not clearly fall into the authority of one department or another to address. This Office was contacted by a property owner who had concerns about a dilapidated wharf in inland waters that was located on the shoreline area of a lake. This wharf was reported to be partially dismantled with pieces washing up on neighbouring properties. There were concerns that the wharf could be a boating or swimming hazard.

Parents contacted the Office regarding their concerns involving the cessation of service to the regular school bus stop for their child. The parents had gone through the complaint processes available to them at the Regional Centre for Education level and were not satisfied with the outcome. 

While reviewing a complaint involving Employment Support and Income Assistance (ESIA), this Office was advised by a caseworker that they may make one attempt to contact a new applicant to follow-up on any outstanding information in their application, regardless whether the caseworker is able to leave a message. While the initial complaint was addressed through the administrative review process and the file closed, this Office continued to have concerns regarding this communication practice.

This Office received complaints from several individuals regarding the Nova Scotia Farm Loan Board, a section within Crown Lending Agencies. The complaints were varied and included concerns involving the workplace culture, a procurement contract, and allegations of a breach of confidentiality and potential conflict of interest.