Own Motion – Farm Loan Board

This Office received complaints from several individuals regarding the Nova Scotia Farm Loan Board, a section within Crown Lending Agencies. The complaints were varied and included concerns involving the workplace culture, a procurement contract, and allegations of a breach of confidentiality and potential conflict of interest.

Depending on the nature of the concerns raised, complaints involving workplace related issues between employees and the employer are referred to available processes, including the union and the Public Service Commission to address those matters. However, due to the multiple complaints received, this Office had concerns regarding the potential impact that these workplace issues were having on service delivery in the administration of the program. An Own Motion investigation was launched to explore this concern and the allegations involving procurement processes and potential/perceived conflict of interest and breach of confidentiality.

The investigation was wide-ranging, including interviews with farmers who have utilised the program and various staff. Recommendations were issued and further information will be shared in our 2017-2018 Annual Report regarding the status of the recommendations.