Follow up and Closure

After the investigation, both parties will be advised of the outcome. In some cases, recommendations may be made.

Such recommendations may require the government body to:

  • review how it handled the complaint
  • change policies or procedures
  • improve how it communicates with the public and other government bodies

A consultative report may be prepared outlining the nature of the complaint, the issues, analysis and findings of the office. It may also include interim recommendations for addressing the situation.

This gives the complainant and the department an opportunity to review the investigation, analyze the findings and interim recommendations, and to provide feedback. The Office of the Ombudsman will not close an investigation until the complainant and the respondent have been given the opportunity to provide this feedback. After reviewing this feedback, a final report with recommendations may be prepared. Our recommendations are usually accepted and implemented.

If a complaint is not founded, a report may be prepared outlining the reasons for dismissing the complaint.