School Bus Dilemma

Parents contacted the Office regarding their concerns involving the cessation of service to the regular school bus stop for their child. The parents had gone through the complaint processes available to them at the Regional Centre for Education level and were not satisfied with the outcome. 

The bus driver had stopped service to the regular bus stop throughout the winters of the two previous years. However, there were inconsistencies in accounts as to who was involved in the decision to suspend service. Once the administration of the Regional Centre for Education was made aware of the concerns, they took steps to rectify the situation. The parents however, continued to have concerns about what had occurred.

An investigation by this Office found that the suspension of service to the school bus stop occurred outside of policy, there was a lack of documentation around this decision, and greater clarity was required respecting policy in the areas of establishing bus stops, communicating bus stop safety issues, and monitoring of road conditions. Further, issues were identified with the administration of the complaint protocol.

Three recommendations were issued to the Regional Centre for Education who accepted the recommendations. These recommendations were fully implemented by the Regional Centre for Education.