Ombudsman Launches new website

Nova Scotia Ombudsman William A. Smith announced today the launch of a brand new Ombudsman website.

The renewal of the Ombudsman website was undertaken to improve public access to Ombudsman content and to make the complaint process easier for potential complainants.

“There has been a significant increase in online complaints in the last few years,” noted Executive Director Christine Brennan, “we recognize that Nova Scotians are going online more often to access services.”

In addition to making online complaints, those interested in learning more about the Ombudsman will now have greater access to Annual Reports, case studies, and news releases covering the work of the Office.

The upgraded site is designed to be more accessible to more Nova Scotians by raising the sites function to provincial accessibility standards.  The improved website is mobile and tablet friendly, in line with shifting trends in web traffic towards those types of devices.