Fined Without Offense

An individual contacted this Office regarding monies removed from their account when they transferred between correctional facilities. They were reportedly advised by the correctional facility that they had been fined for alleged damage to a sprinkler. The individual insisted that they had not broken a sprinkler and therefore did not owe the money. They advised that there had been a restitution order at one facility which was paid.

As this individual had been transferred between provincial correctional institutes, the Ombudsman Representative made contact with both to determine the reason for the removal of funds from the individuals account. A representative from one of the facilities advised they believed the damage occurred at another facility and that was the reason for the monies being removed from the account. The facility where the damage was alleged to have occurred reviewed their files and determined that the individual was found not to have damaged the sprinkler. The individual was reimbursed for the restitution charges.