Case Studies

Case Studies

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An individual contacted this Office regarding the seizure of livestock by the Department of Agriculture and alleged they were treated unfairly by department staff throughout the inspection and seizure process.

In July 2016, this Office issued the Final Report in a matter brought forward by a Municipality in relation to the Municipality’s handling of roaming horses.  The situation involved the Municipality, Department of Natural Resources, and the Animal Welfare Division of the Department of Agriculture. The Animal Welfare Division now falls under the authority of Nova Scotia Environment.

In May 2014, this Office initiated an own motion investigation of the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission (NSHRC). This investigation was initiated based on a number of complaints received by this Office which were similar in nature and were also related to issues previously identified in an investigation conducted by the Office.

The Child Death Review Final Report was issued in July 2014. Since that time, this Office has been updated regularly on the progress made by the respondents to implement the recommendations.

An individual contacted this Office regarding monies removed from their account when they transferred between correctional facilities. They were reportedly advised by the correctional facility that they had been fined for alleged damage to a sprinkler. The individual insisted that they had not broken a sprinkler and therefore did not owe the money. They advised that there had been a restitution order at one facility which was paid.